Monday, October 30, 2023

Autumn at the Cottage

Autumn at the Cottage
How is autumn going for you? Here at the cottage, I have styled the hutch in the cottage corner for autumn.

Autumn at the Cottage
This was a past mantel I styled for autumn. I love any chance I have to show off the pewter.

Autumn at the Cottage
The mantel right now is very simple. It still lingers with a few summer blossoms. Enjoying them till the first frost, which should be this week.

Drying Hydrangeas
I brought the hydrangeas in to dry. I have never tried this before; hopefully it will work. Their color is very lovely.

Autumn Baking
There might also be some baking. I tried a chicken pot pie with puff pastry this weekend. I have never made this from scratch before. 

Autumn at the Cottage
I am dreaming of Thanksgiving tables and what I might use for them. It is the only holiday we still celebrate.

Autumn Cottage
I am also putting more food out for snacks on cozy weekends. The home is your sanctuary away from the noise of the world. What do you do to keep it that way?

In Victory,


Mrs. White said...

Your pictures are beautiful and charming! I am always inspired by your cozy home.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

What gorgeous pics Sherry! That pot pie looks divine. And your pewter is gorgeous!! I think we're probably similar in how we keep home a sanctuary. I love to bake, decorate my home, and craft... all those cozy kinds of things as well.
Blessings on your week. xoxo

gluten Free A_Z Blog said...

Sherry, everything looks fabulous. The autumn displays bring a coziness to your cottage and the colors of your hydrangeas are beautiful. My experience with drying hydrangeas is that they last all winter. Wow I'm impressed with your homemade chicken pot pie..

Bernideen said...

What a delightful post and pretty photos. I love to smell something baking. My senior (more senior than me) neighbors are having lots of challenges so yesterday I cooked and baked and took them dinner. It was fun. I always take them desserts but this was a "more"day. I love having my dining table set and your photos do inspire!