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This blog began in 2009. I mainly posted cottage-style decorating, recipes, and tea. In 2017, I started sharing scripture. I am just now (2023) coming back after a four-year break. I don't plan to add more scripture to the blog. Everything that needed to be said was posted. If you are new to the blog and looking for inspiration and want to read that, there are a couple of ways to find it. I shared it from January 2017 to April 2019.(See it in the archives.) You could also search the label at the bottom of the blog labeled "faith." It will give the readings in reverse order from how I posted them. If you go to Facebook, click the icon to get there on the right margin of the blog. You can also read all of the posts there in reverse order. I won't be updating the Facebook page except for stories, so the posts will be easier to find and share. So, what will I be sharing on the blog? Cottage gardening, cottage kitchen, and cottage tea I have missed this creative outlet. So join me each week as I share my thoughts on cottage life and my dreamy view through my camera lens.

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