Friday, June 21, 2024

Sunset & Sweet Peas

Sunset & Sweet Peas
It has started to get hot, so sunset is the best time to get in the garden now. I grew sweet peas! An old-fashioned flower I have always had on my list to grow. This year, I made it happen. 

Sunset & Sweet Peas
The reward was such fragrant and beautiful blooms for the vase and nostalgia for sweet peas I remembered from long ago.

Black-eyed Susan
My crystal suncatcher is in the foreground, and the Indian summer black-eyed susans are in the background.

Shady Lantern
I created a bed just for the lily-of-the-valley and put this lantern planter beside it for a romantic look.

Sweet peas and lantern
Some more of the sweet peas are growing up into a lantern.

Petunias and Salvia
My favorite combination to date of petunias and salvia for my elevated beds. The salvia is blue Victoria.

Pink Fusion Petunias
The petunias are pink fusion. I grew both the salvia and petunias from seed.

peach verbeana
A peach trailing verbena.

peach verbena

geranium and verbena planter
The long shot of the container.

David Austin Carding Mill
A new rose to me this year is Carding Mill, a David Austin rose. I am growing it in a pot. 

black-eyed susan
I transplanted some black-eyed susans here last year, and they are now blooming. 

apricot profusion zinnia
In this cloche are pow wow echinacea and apricot fusion zinnias, all grown from seed by me.
How is your garden growing? It has now gotten vey hot here, and keeping it all alive will be a labor of love. 

In Victory,

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Debby said...

The peach colored verbena is eye catching . I’ve not ever seen that color. All your flowers are thanking you with their flowers! Well done.