Monday, June 24, 2024

Herb Posy

 Herb Posy
Foe June my herb project was to create an herb posy. 

Herb Posy
If you have followed along, I have taken this book, The Herbal Yearbook, picked out a project for each month, and created it for the blog. It was a great way for me to use my herbs more, and it got me inspired.

Gathering Herbs
Does anyone know what this herb is? I am sure I planted German chamomile, but it is a bit larger than I expected, and I just love it.

Herb Posy
Here is my herb posy. I used chamomile, feverfew, a rose, pineapple mint, and lavender.

Herb Posy

Herb Posy
I styled it on my flower drying rack, but after the photos, I took it inside, and it lasted in a vase for a week. I was impressed it had that long a vase life. The rose is 'moonlight in Paris'. A new favorite rose of mine! 

In Victory,


Bernideen said...

How perfectly lovely and fragrant. Thank you for this creativity.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

I LOVE how it turned out. What a beautiful way to have something so pretty and aromatherapy healing all in one. 🌸