Friday, March 29, 2024

Pressed Herbs and Flowers

Pressed Flowers
I have been known to press plants for keeping. Some of the plants and leaves I have pressed over the years are pictured here. I love the romance and nostalgia of pressing a certain flower and keeping it as a memento.
Pressed Herbs
In keeping with my goal of finishing a project each month from The Herbal Yearbook, for March I am pressing an herb and flowers.

Pressed Herbs
The book suggests pressing the gathered herbs and flowers and pressing them for notecards, but I will just frame mine.

Pressed Herbs
I have for years pressed leaves and flowers in a book, and it works just fine, but today I have a homemade flower press. My husband made it. 

Pressed Herbs
These were the specimens I pressed: pansies and yarrow. The flower press does a really great job at getting the plants very flat, better than I was expecting.

Pressed Herbs
Here I am layering the yarrow leaves on the paper I am mounting them to. 

Pressed Herbs
Next, I mount the pansy. I decided it didn't look quite finished, so I foraged in the yard for a few more plants.

Pressed Herbs
I added a wild violet from the yard that had started blooming. I also remade the tag with some scrapbooking papers. The yarrow is really delicate and beautiful when pressed. It makes a lacy compliment to the flowers. 

Cottage boquet

Cottage Crafts
Do you press any flowers or herbs? It would be great to make a journal of the pressed specimens to note when they bloom and what they are used for. 

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carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Love this so much Sherry! I do press flowers and leaves at times, but I haven't pressed herbs. I will do that this summer, though! Great idea. I mainly use mine in crafting. :)
Blessings on this beautiful holy weekend ahead. Happy Easter! ✝️🌷🐰