Saturday, January 7, 2012

Romancing the Home

I ran across an article from last year's February edition of Romantic Homes magazine that interviewed "creative women living the romantic life.They had interviewed Chris Barrett of   I found a lot of her insights on romantic living really mirrored mine also so, I thought I would share some of her quotes from the interview.

Chris had described romance as, moments and details that make her fall in love with living no matter the scale.   That is a fantastic perception of romance.  It can be on any scale.  Bigger isn't better, it is just bigger.

Charm and romance can be in the smallest spaces.  

Chris describes romantic moments at home as moments she can lose herself in entirely.   That is the concept that I wonder if we are missing.  I love that viewpoint.  I also wonder if we are stopping to enjoy the atmosphere we are creating at home or are we in such a hurry that we can't slow down and enjoy it....

Source: via Sherry on Pinterest

Romance is in moments and how we share the moments in the space we call home with those we love.  Is there any beauty in them?

I also really understood Chris' quote of when home isn't enough she turns to travel.  It isn't hard to find romance in a beautiful travel destination.

Travel can refresh your attitude.  She enjoys life and states that perfection doesn't factor into her definition of romance, but peace and beauty do. 
I love the visual application of Pinterest.  Some have been criticizing Pinterest as a world that can't be obtained because it is too perfect, but, it can show you what style, accessories, and colors you would find peaceful in your home.   That can tell you a lot about what would help make your home your romantic sanctuary.  All great plans start with ideas...or dreams and the vision you get on Pinterest helps make the ideas more of a reality.
What makes your home your romantic haven?

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And for the singing part of the post I am adding a romantic tune by the talented Mandy Moore from an early Nicholas Sparks movie "A Walk to Remember."


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a wonderful viewpoint. I think that is what we are looking for in places like Pinterest -- ideas where we can imagine the extra little touches with our own sentimental treasures.
Thanks for the great post.

sissie said...

Oh what a beautiful post.


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

What a lovely post -- great pics and I agree -- we can create a romantic, peaceful atmosphere no matter how big or small our 'space' is. I almost always light candles on the dinner table and have music playing. I try to remove clutter by the end of the day -- clean up those flat areas where everyone 'dumps' their stuff! Simple touches . . . I think that makes for a romantic atmosphere.

Linda said...

Love this post! Thank you for the reminders...
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

CraveCute said...

Sherry, Great post! Love pinterest, how can sharing beautiful things be bad? Beauty is all around us, we just have to look. ~ Diane

Blondie's Journal said...

I love when you said, "Bigger isn't better, it's just bigger". This is so true when we look for romance in our small places...I think it shouts out louder than in larger spaces!

Great post!


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I am liking allot here also! The second picture with the arched walled room and the metal railings and old wood beam.... that is like a dream studio right there!

And the chippy spindle leg chairs.

Thanks for sharing GREAT FINDS!!!


The Quilt Ladies said...

A wall of books, nothing better, thanks for sharing

Shannon @ COZY HOME SCENES said...

Very true about not taking time to enjoy our creations. I think we bloggers are especially guilty of that since we're always putting things together to have something new to post. It's good to step back and enjoy the beauty that's around us now.

I haven't seen many of those pictures, but that desk photo is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! When people come into my home, I want them to feel warm and welcomed! That's my idea of the perfect atmosphere. BTW....I wanted to invite you to stop by my blog. We are having an "impossibility" challenge for 2012!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

You won the giveaway!
Stop by the blog and check it out!
Congratulations friend!


Sizzle and Zoom said...

Lovely blog. Found your blog from your other blog on Show off your cottage Monday.

Sandy said...

Hello.. I'm new to you...#1157 is my followers number... I'd love to invite you over to meet and follow me when you get the chance. What a lovely post... I'm excited to have found you and look forward to all the next times. thanks... have a great day...xoso Sandy

The Tablescaper said...

I'm so happy you brought your post to Seasonal Sundays. Lovely post.

- The Tablescaper

Natasha in Oz said...

I am very late to visit and to say thank you for linking up to my Pinning and Singing party-I am so sorry! I had a great break over Christmas and am ready to start pinning and singing again in 2012! I love your pins and your style Sherry. We have such similar almost everything!

Best wishes and happy pinning!

Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me