Friday, April 19, 2024

A Calm Day

Some days, a quietness falls over the house, and it is calm. That is when I take a rest and plan whatever I need to get busy with.

Peter and I think about the important tasks and the not-so-important tasks all the same. 

Sometimes you have to have your pleasures. You can't go forever without something you find joy in. 

Here at the cottage I have been planning much about the garden. Getting outside is a really enjoyable activity for me. So I am taking tea with Peter Rabbit and planning how I can add to the garden with things I already have in the shed. One of my newest creations was to take old garden fencing and turn it into a cloche to keep the animals off the plants. 

I have made three of these, and they are quite useful. A nice way to use up something I wasn't finding any other use for. Do you have things you reuse in your home instead of buying new?

In Victory,

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