Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well I took liberties with today's photo challenge.  I haven't seen any children's joyous faces yet for the holidays but, I just happened to find this website from a tip on a tweet.  This is Joyus where they take the power of online video to help you find and buy the products you love.  I have to say I probably spent over an hour there last night!  They have mastered the powerful art of video selling!  After just a few views I was ready to purchase quite a bit.  So be forewarned it is easy to put things in your shopping cart here!  They have prices at all price points, some leaning a little higher than I need.  What were the best finds I saw in an hour?  The runaway best seller will be the iPad case that turns your iPad into a laptop, complete with full keyboard and syncing one touch keys; only $149, but, if I had an iPad I would so want one!:) 
 December Photo-a-day challenge at A Content Housewife

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Jen said...

What a cool website! I'm off to check it out.