Friday, July 13, 2012

Social Media Link Party

I was excited Natasha was having this social media party.  She mentions that like me, she has begun to notice a lot of blogging friends show up in other forms of social media.  I got on the bandwagon to do this when Blogger changed it's Google Friend Connect to not include Wordpress and other types of blogs.  I decided I had to expand what I was doing to let people have more than one way to follow me.  It was a good decision and something that is going to keep changing and get a little more exciting all of the time.
  The social media landscape is evolving and changing all of the time.  You think the big ones (Twitter and Facebook) can't be knocked off of their perches and then along comes a tool like Pinterest and you think well maybe they could.  
Let's look at the numbers.  Facebook has 800 million users worldwide.  We all knew it was big .  Twitter 200 million users worldwide.  But you know who is equal to Facebook?  Google's YouTube.  It has 800 million users worldwide. 
What does this mean if your blogging and your using social media to expand your blog?  Well I have been posting videos of my work on YouTube for two years now.  It hasn't done anything huge for me, but it is another way for someone to follow you.  Especially if you have brief videos of use, like cooking videos.
So, back to social media, my links, and why I am staying with my Blogger blog.  Google owns almost everything I use.  They own Blogger, YouTube, Instagram, Picasa, Android software for mobile phones, and many more things.  They are interconnecting it all.  It takes one click and everything you do can be published worldwide easily.  So, I am not going to try to jump to another blogging format.  I like Google and how it is working for me.  I have noticed a few bloggers starting to publish to YouTube.  I think you will be seeing many more.  There were  rumors floating around last year that Google was going to change things about Blogger. Whatever evolves from blogging that comes out as a clear leader will allow brief video (YouTube) and picture posting (Instagram).  The future of blogging will be on handheld devices and it will have to be briefer and quicker.   
 The good news is, whatever the name, Blogger is getting better and is not going way. 
                                                       Evan Williams co-founder of Twitter and creator of Blogger 
                                                        source: Gigaom 

Here is where I am and how you can find me:
Follow me with your favorite format!
 This blog can be followed by:
using these links all located in my side column

Google Friend Connect :  you will have to sign into Google and create a profile

Networked Blogs :  you will also sign up at Networked blogs and follow on my badge

You can subscribe in a reader and choose the version you want to get my blog delivered by.
You can also have my blog delivered right to your email.  I have noticed the YouTube videos aren't coming through email so, I will provide a link with these post that will take you to my YouTube channel and you may view the video if you wish. 

I'm on Facebook:  This has been the one media I have updated the least, but I am now updating the fan page with each post.  So, if you click that you like me in the badge on my side column you should be able to see what I am posting.

I'm on Google+ (Google's form of Facebook) :  here is the link 
You can also add me to your circle in my sidebar by clicking the g+ icon

Here is a direct link to my boards and you can choose which ones to follow:

Here is my Twitter link:

Here is my YouTube channel link:

If you like to shop on Etsy I'm also on there.
I will be getting some things in the shop for the Christmas season. 

I also blog on tumblr.  Here is that link: 

So, there you have it.  There are many ways to follow The Charm of Home and see what I'm up to.  Pick the format you use most.  If you are short on time, tweets, will soon contain photos, tumblr is more photos and little to no words, and all of my YouTube videos are going to be under 2 minutes.  I also pin most blog post on Pinterest, so you can see my work there too. 
Social media is powerful and fun to use.  I am glad I can use it to reach you and I hope you enjoy visiting me! 

 I will join:
Natasha in Oz  Social Media Party


Natasha in Oz said...

This was a great post Sherry. I totally agree with you about sticking with the Google brand. I had no idea about the benefits of using YouTube so will have to do more with it. I'm following you there and I'm now following your Tumblr blog too.

Thanks so very much for linking up to my Social Media Linky Party. I've given this post a +1 and am about to tweet about it too.

Best wishes,
Natasha in Oz

iheartsunnydays said...

Hi Sherry - please to meet you! Now following you here, twitter and just added you on Tumblr as well. Looking forward to reading all your blog and Tumblr this week. Have a wonderful weekend :)