Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Would Rather Be Here.....

With the changes going on over at Google.  I found myself needing to make changes in this blog.  So I have spent the better part of the day on this computer doing housekeeping...not my favorite way to be blogging...but necessary.  I am sure everyone is aware of the rumors going around about GFC.  It seems other blogging platforms will not be following us Blogger blogs after March 1st with Google Friend Connect.  I also have become aware that Picnik Photo editing will end on April 19th.  That; also run by Google, but should be available through Google + if you sign up for it.  So all of this is a bit confusing, a bit overwhelming, but I have continued to read every post I see on it to make an informed decision about how to reach the non-blogger blogs and to continue to edit photos.  
The changes here on The Charm of Home are:
  • I will continue to use Google Friend Connect (as long as it is available)
  • I have added Networked Blogs
  • I am adding Google + 
  • The biggest thing for me..I am going to start tweeting......ha
  source: Sunsurfer via Sherry on Pinterest

Now...after 7 hours reorganizing this blog and all of my following options I am going to go tweet about my headache.   I am a picture maybe short tweets will suit me.
I will link with:



Unknown said...

Hi Sherry,
I'm thinking about Mr.Linky! Is there a reason you did not select that choice? I might not even make any changes..I blog on blogger so I guess I might just stay with whoever follows me on blogger. All of these changes are not what I want to deal with. I like my life simple and stress free. And if Google changes later then I guess my blogging days will be over. Life means so much more! And I agree with your title on this post!

Natasha in Oz said...

I know how you feel! I have spending way too much time on my blog and I even changed the name completely, even after buying a domain! It is now going to be called I figured that I use Natasha in Oz everywhere I might as well call the blog that too!

Have fun on Twitter-I actually love that you only have limited characters!

Best wishes and happy tweeting!
Natasha (In Oz!!)

PS I just Google+ed this post!

The Charm of Home said...

I have not followed with Mr. Linky because I am understanding it is a bit multi-step to read in it's reader. I am staying with GFC for all of the Blogger bloggies and I have thrown a few new options out there for those who can no longer follow with GFC when that time comes. It requires a lot of techy stuff that I don't have all the answers to, to maintain a following gadget. So, I am trying to use the options that will offer my readers a smooth choice so hopefully they don't have to switch again in the near future. Hope that helps.

Deserae said...

This whole google thing is very confusing! I added the Linky follower option but now it looks like maybe that was the wrong option? I dunno?!? Your inspiration pics look like a delightful place to escape to......

The Charm of Home said...


Linky may be the way to go, time will tell. I am just easing into to new options and seeing how that turns out.

Heirloom treasures said...

I find all of it totally confusing. Still trying to get back to the old blogger to turn off the word verification. Not able to find out how. uggggh
x jeanetteann

Elna said...

Beautiful pictures. Yes, it happens a lot in the blogosphere right now so you have to prepare.


Debbie said...

Sherry, I'm with you on this. I have given it a lot of thought. (Too much, actually... get a life, Debbie.) I decided to stay with GFC too because when I checked, most of the blogs I follow are blogspot so it won't change. I have tossed around a few ideas for keeping up with favorite blogs which will be affected. I signed up for the linky followers and may use it to follow them, but honestly? I think for me right now it's just easier not to be checking in in two places.

Anyway, I'll still be following you through GFC. I'm glad you're a blogspot blog. I really enjoy visiting here.

Debbie said...

And I started a twitter account too. It's just a personal one, though. I have exactly two followers: My daughters. So... I can just tweet what's on my mind because they are used to ignoring me anyway. Ha!

Cynthia said...

I use Linky and Pinterest on my page

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a lot of work our blogging job is! Haha. But you're looking good and ready for anything! This is the first I had heard about Picnik being available at Google+. Good to know.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

As one who detests change, I'm staying with GFC, come what may. That's my final answer. :)

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

If you haven't already figured it out, you go to your Dashboard, then select Settings, then Comments. The setting for "word verification" is toward the end of that page.