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I am Sherry the author of this blog.  Wife and mother to three boys, living a dreamy cottage lifestyle in my camera lens.  I am a lover of Jesus, like to take pretty pictures, and I especially love to have tea!  This blog started out as a decorating blog and then in 2016 I read the bible. I have started to read it two other times before and I never got past the first few books.  But, in 2016 I read the whole thing (my success came from not starting at the beginning, I started in the books of Wisdom).  After I read it, it was impossible not to share it.  Jesus Christ has called me into a relationship and this is a collaboration with Him.  Guided daily by my Father, all glory and honor are his.   
Come have a cup of tea, for in hospitality sometimes there is great fruit.

*2/20/17- I removed all ads on my site.  I also no longer do reviews, guest posts, sponsorships, or any paid form of advertising. 

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