Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2nd Time Around Tuesday: Easter Goodies

I will be joining Diane for 2nd Time Around Tuesday at her site  A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words.  I seem to be having a really good streak at finding things at the thrift store.  I found these awesome vintage glass candy containers.  Not knowing a lot about them, I even resisted the temptation to buy them for several weeks.  But, since Easter was coming I finally looked them up on the web and got to the store to purchase, hoping they were still there.
 These candy containers were manufactured in the mid 1940's by J.H. Millstein Co. out of Jeanette, PA.  My candy containers have this printed on the rim of the glass and each of mine also have printed 'Patent applied for'.  I have know idea if that affects the value.  (Sometimes if that is a rare condition in the collecting world it will affect the value a lot.) 
They originally had an adhesive (which you can still see here) that attached a cardboard bottom to the container.
They were originally filled with a hard pellet style candy.
The picture on the bottom was supplied by http://www.candycontainer.org/.
You can visit that site to learn more about the candy containers.
There is one last good look at them.  My candy containers will be a gift for one of my family members.  I come from a family that is so into antiques that all they ever give for presents is vintage and antique gifts.  I have not been antiquing a lot since I have had boys.  They never went through the antique malls carefully.  But, since this blog I have been starting to shop at the thrift stores a lot and my antiquing experience is a plus.
 One more thing I am going to show you is 2nd time around every year to me.
I bought it in a grocery store 15 or more years ago.  It is a tin that had Easter dye  and accessories in it from Paas Dye Company.  Isn't it cute.  
I love this little man on the side that looks like a Leprechaun.  He seems to be bossing around the rabbit.

Here are the leftovers from last year some wax pencils, egg holders, and a couple of tablets of dye.
It's about time to get it out again this year.
I hope you have enjoyed my second time around Easter finds.  Please join Diane at her site and view all the 2nd time around finds.


Manang Kim said...

OMG that is so cool for a candy container I so love it. Thanks for sharing!

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Merrie said...

Those glass dishes are so nice. I love the way they look and wouldnt mind collecting some myself. I'll have to be on the lookout for some. Great save on that tin. I dont recall ever seeing a Paas egg tin before.