Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make a Table Centerpiece

Creating a fruit cone is a really inexpensive way to deck out your table for the holidays.  Fruit cones are really easy to make.  All the fruit is in season during the holidays and that makes it very affordable. 
Plate for base
Grip 'N Stick -floral adhesive 
foam cone (standard size- 3 7/8 in x8 7/8 in or 98mm x 225mm)
seasonal fruit (amount would depend on the size of apples to cover etc.)
tooth picks (round type, not splinter type)
boxwood, holly, flowers, or any evergreen sprigs

  • First use a piece of Grip 'N Stick in the center of the plate and place the foam cone over that.

  • Next, use  the largest fruit on the bottom of the cone impale it with a toothpick and place it into the foam cone.

  • Place all of chosen fruit around base of foam cone. If using one type of fruit, use the largest pieces at the bottom and save the smallest for the top of the cone.
  • Use next largest fruit on top of that and apply to cone.
  • Continue with fruit all the way to the top of the cone.  
  • If you have a small piece of fruit, place it on the top.
  • If you're doing all one fruit basically the same size; such as apples, put greenery on top of cone.

  • The last step, fill all gaps with greenery of choice.  The stems of the greenery should stick right into the foam.

The fruit arrangement should last a few weeks.  Place on table and enjoy!  Happy Holidays!


Lori (All That Splatters) said...

Thanks for the step-by-step! I can't wait to try this -

Sherry said...

It is really easy and more affordable than a traditional floral arrangement.