Saturday, December 19, 2009

Make Ornament Place Card Holders

I have been eyeing the ornament place card holders that so many bloggers have used in their tablescapes, but just four of them were $20.  Procrastination has paid off.  Last week on the Today Show they demonstrated how to make them.  Here's how it is done.

Old glass ornaments (that you don't care to use on your tree)
glass ornaments you want to use for place card holders
hot glue gun
popsicle stick

  • First, take the old glass ornament you don't care for and remove the hanging hook.

  • Take the hook and put it together with the hook from the ornament you want to make a place card holder out of.   NOTE: The tops of the ornaments need to be almost the same size or this will not work.  All hooks are not the same size and they don't always fit into the ornament of choice.

  •   Place both hooks into the desired ornament.
  • Next, take desired ornament and cover the bottom with hot glue.  This should make a base, so the ornament can sit upright.

  • If you need to smooth the bottom with a popsicle stick while the glue is still hot.  This should give you the base you desire.

The ornament will stand on it's own and you have created a place card holder!  Enjoy it on your tablescape.  Sunday night HGTV will air Christmas at the White House, check your local listings.  I love seeing how they decorate every year.

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