Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Blogger's Writing Process Tour

I created for myself a September Writing Challenge.  I have decided I want to write a little better on each blog post.   As soon as I had decided this I then saw Judith's post at Botanic Bleu about the The Blogger's Writing Process Tour.   So, I happily joined the tour to write this post and tell you how I write for the blog and to share with other bloggers and maybe learn something from them.

I must confess that writing has always been my last concern.  I know that may sound strange but, I really try to convey an atmosphere or paint a picture with my photography.  I don't very often try to use words.  I have, but rarely, put any more words than absolutely necessary to get the description of the pictures across.

What am I working on?
I am working on better writing, maybe some inspirational quotes.  I would love to be funny but, I may find something funny that isn't relevant to you, the reader.  Comic timing is a true gift so, I may dabble with it but, it feels a bit risky.  
I could see myself putting more of my personality into my writing,  That is the real essence of a well written piece isn't it?  It has a flavor and style that is all the writer's own.  A true window into their viewpoint.  I hope to create a comfortable spot for writing around my niche of tea, comfort, home, and food.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I have really honed in on a specific niche this year with the blog.  I did it gradually and I didn't want to make a big announcement about it  but, the blog has become centered all around tea, coffee, and tasty food.  I haven't completely given up on cottage style decor but, it isn't practical right now in our lives for me to continue to do a lot of decorating when it doesn't fit our lifestyle.  When there are less children in the house I will add it back but, for right now I really am enjoying this tea, coffee, and tasty food niche.  I have been trying, with my photography, to put you at the table taking tea with me.  Tea/coffee is a lifestyle habit.  A very comforting , quite, sacred habit for many people and cultures.  I really enjoy the experience and I try to translate that with my photography.  Simply put, "Come have tea with me."  There are several blogs that do this and I try to join them for linky parties.  I have really been studying the younger bloggers at Tumblr and trying to have more modern tea/coffee.  There is a difference, I can see it.  So, I am trying to create beautiful Tumblr style posts.  
* Note: I had a request to describe what Tumblr is.  So I will put that right here.
Tumblr is just another blogging format.  You are familiar with Typepad, Blogger, and Wordpress, well Tumblr is just a place to blog.  For me it seems to be where the younger bloggers are very active.  By young I mean it is very active with 16-21 year olds.  I love that because you can see what they are into.  What they want to see in a blog.  It also is mainly a Pinterest of blogging.  What does that mean?  You can post any picture or words you want to.   It is mainly just photography and you can re-post any other blog post that you like.  It is called re-blogging.  So, I like the fall pictures everyone is posting right now and I post my own blog photos but, I re-post way more of the other pictures from other blogs I follow.     

Here is a screen shot of my Tumblr page.  It is full of pictures of Autumn and I have a shot of my Rustic Apple Cider Pie on here too.  You can look at all the pretty pictures and you can click on my Rustic Apple Cider and it will take you to my Blogger blog and you can retrieve that recipe.  So that is a quick explanation of what Tumblr is.  Anyone can join it and follow any blogs on there they want to.   

Why do I write what I do?

I started blogging at the end of 2009 on a dare by my husband.  He said, "You won't do it."  And I said, " I'll do it."  He said, " No you won't.  You'll just put that on your list of things to do."  So, I had to prove him wrong and blog.  As I mentioned, it started as a decorating blog. It was Christmas and I knew I wouldn't run out of things to blog about in the first month, that way I wouldn't quit.  Then I kept blogging because I loved it.  I have always been an avid cookbook reader and recipe collector.  I love to try new seasonal recipes and have coffee and tea so that just really works perfect right now.  

How does my writing process work?

This is where I would like to improve.  I always put the pictures in the post first and then go back using as little words as possible to describe the post.  I let the pictures do most of the talking.  I would like write a little more now; not a novel but, a little more.  I seem to organize my thoughts better when I write it out on notebook paper and then type it in draft but, the quickest way is to write it in draft right in Blogger and then edit.  I apologize for my editing.  I sometimes post and then; within the first day, I can go back and find three grammatical errors and I correct and re-post and correct and re-post.  The blog post keeps posting in your Blogger reader and over at Bloglovin.  I hope I haven't annoyed any of you doing that.  I can't leave a mistake in though once I find it.  So my writing process is a fast and furious process and I hope it can get more organized and have a little more of my personality in it too.
Some of examples of my writing that I liked:
Me trying to be funny:  The Lawn in VOGUE
Me trying to be Jane Austen:  A Taste For Fall

Now... let's pass the baton to two more writers who can share in this writing challenge:

I have nominated:

 Michelle Mortensen of Simply Santa Barbara.  Michelle is a new blogger and I think it is fantastic to introduce her and share this Writing Process Tour with her.  

I also nominate Sarah Coller from Hope In Every Season.  Sarah made me aware of the Jane Austen reading challenge last month so, I thought of her right away when it came to this Writing Process Tour.  

They each will have a wonderful perspective on blogging and I am sure I can learn something from them.  Thank you ladies for joining the Blogger's Writing Process Tour.
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Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Sherry...I love hearing your heart behind your words and photos. And learning more about tumblr. I guess it's much less complicated than I thought. Isn't that the way things usually are? I guess it really is a sort of Pinterest. The one thing I've struggled with is figuring out the original source for beautiful photos that I wish to pin. It takes forever and I sometimes never get the source. Oh well.

I think it's interesting that you work up your photos first. I used to...and then I started to get so critical of my photos that it took some of the fun went away. Taking so many photos to get good ones makes it overwhelming. Especially when I only have a tiny Nikon pocket camera and no tripod. Someday it will all change. the meantime...I write first and it helps make the task less challenging. It's funny that I started out enjoying the photography the most...and then it's as if I felt naked and embarrassed about my photos. I guess we put too much pressure on ourselves and lose the joy that we derive from the process of blogging.

I've noticed the change in format away from home decor on your blog. You do the coffee/tea moment so well. But, I'm glad that you'll be branching out a bit more too.

In this place I am now in which I often refer to as the "in between." drafting home decor posts can be very challenging...but I've been blessed to be able to continue in some small way.

Thanks for an insightful and inspiring post. Best wishes for an extraordinary week. Hope to see you tonight at Project Inspire{d}!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said... more thing.
On WordPress I can update as often as I wish and no one knows. Some days that is a very good thing. ;) I know it's a big job...but it might be a great reason for moving...*if* that's something you've been considering.

Kim Burdette said...

Sherry, I'm new to your blog and let me say that you have reached at least one of your goals! Your pictures do tell a story and I think I could learn a thing or two by studying your composition. Also, I can hear your personality through this post and your heart is just precious. This was a great post. Keep up the GREAT work.

Jeanne Selep said...

Great post. I also contemplate the amount of writing that is to accompany my photographs, and it varies over the years. Some of my earlier posts seem almost juvenile - my humor seems dumb/giddy now, but I leave it anyway. Blogging is a fun communicative creative process.

Poppy said...

Hi Sherry,

I really enjoyed your voice in this post, and I agree, your photography, exquisite and always interesting, is enough to evoke what you want it to, but I believe that one's words are the crowning glory of expression. I look forward to getting a better idea of the woman behind the pictures.

Happy Thursday!


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

It's so nice to hear more of your voice, Sherry! Funny, I thought your personality came through your blog posts already, and that your writing is great! I have always known your photos were top notch. THAT's what I have to work on! Thanks for sharing a little bit about you and your process.