Saturday, December 1, 2012

My View Today

I have wanted to do the Photo A Day Challenges for a while now.  I have started to do them and then backed out.  What will I post?  It will look so boring.  Well, I may not post everyday 
in December but, I am trying this challenge once and for all.   I mean it is Christmas right?  Who couldn't come up with something to photograph!  
My secret get off auto and go to manual.   There I said it.  I shoot all my photos on no flash!  I never set anything.  I need to branch out.  Maybe I can accomplish this.  December is busy!  We'll see.
Anyway, I hear the white chocolate bag rustling again, my 7 year-old is going to eat all of this chocolate if I don't go make some peppermint bark!  

 December Photo-a-day challenge at A Content Housewife


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Love this picture! I am big fan of fudge and love the peppermint version. I wanted to make fudge today, but my Grandma always said, you can't fudge on a cloudy day. So I have to wait :) Good luck with the challenge!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

good for you, Sherry, Anne dared me to do this last year, I did and I never looked back. it's not hard, really. You don't have to know everything. Just start playing and it will happen. Love the idea of a photo a day challenge, it will be great!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Sherry don't worry your pictures are great! I would not have thought you only used auto. I have the same problem, need to use manual more. Good luck!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I think your photos are great as is, but good luck with the switch to manual! I have been tinkering with my camera on manual for a bit and learning a lot lately. I still switch to auto-no flash when I want to be sure to get a shot and not have to think about the settings!

Old Time Cindy said...

You do have nice photos. I just recently went to manual and for me, it was frustrating. Now I'm glad I did even though I have more to learn. Good luck!
Farmhouse hugs,

jeanetteann said...

I take pot luck with my camera too. It's not that easy to change between shots. Good Luck with it. xx

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I hear you, Sherry! I need to get cracking, too. At least my shopping is basically done. Now, I have to wrap all the gifts. I do a lot of small things in stockings for ten people, and I am wrapped out by the end of Christmas!



Anne said...

I am also trying to learn manual.I do both still but trying to do more and more shots manual.So much to learn! Have fun making peppermint bark.....YUM!

Katarina said...

Your photos look great to me! For example this one... It looks so YUMMY! :-)