Monday, July 26, 2010

Architecture Around the World-Answers

 My challenge in yesterday's Mosaic Monday post was to ask if you knew the country from the architecture.  Let's look at the pictures and I'll show you the architecture from around the world.

1. Morocco- with it's Moorish arches and Moroccan lantern.

2. Norway- with it's replica of a triple stave church.  The most famous being Borgund  
    which was built around 1180-1250 CE.
3. France- with it's mansard roof, dormers, and turret made of stone reminiscent of a    
    French Chateau.

4. Germany- is a little harder their architecture was borrowed from many cultures all       
    over Europe, but they made buildings all their own with the paintings they created on 
    the exteriors and the storybook feel they gave to their villages.
5. Italy- if you have been to Venice you might recognize this structure.  It is a replica very similar to Doge's Palace.  It is a wonderful example of Venetian Gothic architecture. 

6. China- the roof is curved because Buddhist believed it helped ward off evil spirits, which
     were believed to be straight lines. 

7. England- with it's distinctive Tudor style.  This is an example of half-timbering and a 
    front gabled wing.

8. Japan- has a Pagoda style temple.  It was a place they worshiped and they were built in three or five stories. 
So, even though we just toured Epcot at Disney World they have done a remarkable job recreating some wonderful elements of architecture around the world.  I by no means gave a lot of information on any of these styles of architecture.  It was just meant to be a little info and fun.  Most people don't go to Walt Disney World to learn anything but, you might be surprised how much thought and learning goes into everything they put in their parks.  Thanks for playing along.


Olga said...

Yeahh, I got them all ;-) Awesome pictures!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Epcot is so wonderful -- we haven't visited it in years but once my grandson gets a little older my husband and I look forward to taking him to see Disneyworld and Epcot.

I also enjoyed the tea post you posted today! I'd be so tempted to buy another teapot in that pretty tea shop.