Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shop the House: Creative Lighting

Image from Pottery Barn
 I have seen these canning jar lights in Pottery Barn's catalog and I had every intention of making them.  So I was so inspired the other night when it was about 45 minutes till dark and my son (5 yr. old) was playing in the yard.  I walked over to this shrub we have that the 5 yr. old has severely pruned and it was ever so romantically dropping these fabulous smelling blossoms all over the ground.  Thinking in my head, "Boy, tonight would be a great night to set a table up under that shrub.....with those Pottery Barn lights I have been planning on making..."   "Honey, you keep playing and mommy will be right back I'm going to start a project."   

 So, make them I did by shopping the house.  All of my jars were not the same size.  But, I used what I had and it took a dispenser of galvanized wire, wire cutter, the jars, tea light candles, and some white ribbon.  I didn't twist the wires.  I just used a single wire.

 This is how they turned out.  You can see more of the lighting for my tablescape this Thursday.
Image from Pottery Barn

Okay, I also had been planning to copy this look from Pottery Barn.  It worked out with this tablescape I set up. 

My version is a lot different but, I thought somewhat achieved the look.  What is this you ask?  

 This is a cigar mold.  There is still tobacco in the mold.  It's an antique from my  Great-grandfather.  

 There is some writing on it, that I haven't even noticed until I had it in the natural light today.  
 This is how my lighting turned out with the cigar mold.  When I got up the next day all the blossoms were off of the shrub.  Time was of the essence. Check back Thursday to see the whole tablescape. 
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Nancy said...

Too cool! I love your lighting projects! They turned out so well. Great job!!


Natasha said...

I love all of these ideas! You have done a great job. I love the way you have used that cigar mold too-genius!

Best wishes,

Leanne said...

I love your lighting. That cigar mold is incredible. Everything looks wonderful.

Kendall said...

Beautiful! Love both projects and they are SO TOTALLY PB! Thanks for linking up to Shop The House Sunday!

Condo Blues said...

Did you put sand in your jar lights or just put the tea light in the jar?

Sherry said...

I just put tea lights in the mason jars. I did it in a very big hurry and didn't refer to the PB image to make them.

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is wonderful. Ireally like your cigar mold and how you repurposed it! It is way better than the Pottery Barn version!

:) Michelle

too Blessed to Stress said...

I lvoe mason jars forlighting! never thought of putting and handle on it like yours though. Love it!

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Kim said...

They turned out very nice. The shots you got of them at night are great.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Awesome ideas...luv that piece that belonged to your grandfather. Come by and show them off at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY...hope to see you there:)