Friday, April 9, 2010

Romantic Accessories: Pillars

I am joining Laurie for My Favorite Things at her site Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie.  I love to fill my house with romantic accessories.  One of my favorites you can find almost anywhere today.  Pottery Barn has shelves of them.  They are affordable because they can be found in all price ranges.  What are they?  One of my favorite romantic accessories-pillar candles.
Image from Pottery Barn
Any setting you add them to instantly becomes more romantic.
Image from Pottery Barn
You can find them with seashells in them.
 Image Pottery Barn
They have a raffia texture.
Image from
You can place them in hurricanes and add fillers for the season.
Image Pottery Barn 
Image from Pottery Barn
 The look I can't get enough of for summer is pillars in lanterns with shells.

Image from Pottery Barn
Or you could put pillars in lanterns with pebbles.
 Image Pottery Barn
This candle pit stole the show for drama. 
Pillars can be placed inside of a birdcage.
Seashells can surround a pillar in a hurricane.
Pillars can even stand alone and have an impact.

So put some romance in your indoor/outdoor setting this summer by adding pillars.
Please go over to Laurie's site and view all of the favorite things.


violetlady said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Yours is lovely. Some nice ideas for using pillar candles!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

These are beautiful!

Sonia said...

Oh I love these PB items..come by for a visit..I'm having a PB giveaway for my one year anniversary. Pretty post..I love candles!

Miss Bloomers/Sonia

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh they are all beautiful, and yes, so romantic. I love lanterns, and that last photo of the outdoor hanging lanterns really appealed to me. Great post for Favorite Things Saturday. Thank you so much for joining. laurie

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Such wonderful decorating ideas. I love them. Candles always make any space feel warm even when they aren't lit. Hugs, Marty

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Now these are some great ideas to add that extra touch to candles!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Love the inspiration -- love candles! You chose beautiful images for today's post.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Lots of great ideas. I love to decorate with candles.

Natasha said...

I am a candle collector too! I love them! I so wish we had a PB here in Australia...I would spend more than enough money there to make it financially viable I would think!

Best wishes,

Kifus said...

Ohhhhh lanterns and hurricanes!! I simply love them! Thanks for posting these beautiful photographs Sherry!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Dianna@DecorMadeSimple said...

Pottery Barn always has great products. I liked the raffia candles

The Tablescaper said...

Candles somehow add that extra touch!

- The Tablescaper

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Sherry~I've truly missed my visits, but little by little I'm catching up.
Although last month was difficult with our loses a new month has brought new hope.
I poured myself a cup of tea and read a spell...I love the versatility of the pillar candles and how they transform the ambiance of any room. It lends the perfect touch by just a few embellishments.

Sweet wishes,

D said...

Hi, Sherry,
Thanks for the great ideas for using the candles. I love those, too.
You have a lovely blog, I'm signing up to follow you. I'm glad you visited me, so I could find yours. :)

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Very pretty and lots of great ideas! Thanks!