Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Basket Project

I will be joining Kim for Basket Dayz at her site Cheap Chic Home.   She will love to have you if you have any kind of spring/Easter basket project to show off.
Supplies: Basket
                 3 or more yards of ribbon for handle
                 A embellishment for ribbon (like a flower)
                 1 1/2 -2 yards of bridal Tulle (the fuller the basket will be, the more tulle you will need) 

 I started out with a white basket that originally was in the nursery when I had each boy.  Yes, they started out shabby chic, until I had to give them more manly furnishings!

I made a loop and took the ribbon through it like so.

I put a good knot in that loop and then I started lacing the handle.
You continue to lace back and forth till you have come to the end of the handle.

Make sure it is all good and tight.  Then give it another good knot on this side of the handle.  You don't want it slipping and coming undone during the big hunt.

Take a 4 inch strip of tulle cut with the width of the fabric and fold it back and forth till it looks like this.

Then fold your tulle and cut a triangle out of each top corner.  This is just like making a bow.  We are making a tulle bow.

Unfold your tulle again and tie and knot it with the triangular cut outs being right where you are going to knot the ribbon.

You can now pull the tulle out and fluff it up, just like you do when making a bow.

Continue to shape the tulle till you get the desired look.
You can put any embellishment you want in the center of your tulle bow.  You can put silk or real flowers.  I found this little bunny pin at the thrift store and I am using him on this basket.

Now here is the best part!!!
Do you hate Easter grass?  Do you find it in July in the hall and under the couch?  I did.  So when my boys were little we threw away our Easter grass and we stuffed our baskets with tulle!  It works fantastic.  It is a perfect cushion for the eggs.  It looks good and it is not messy.  I used royal blue and green when the guys were small in each of their baskets.

There you have it, an Easter basket or it would work equally well for a flower girl basket. 
Please got to Kim's site Cheap Chic Home add a basket project or see what every one else is doing.

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Kaysi said...

That looks great, I really like the tulle and the ribbon together, great combo!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Very cute. I like how you showed the easy way to making a ribbon when you have a lot of layers.

Kim said...

You are so sweet to add my button. This is an adorable project! I love the idea of using tulle, I stopped using regular Easter grass, but have the stuff that's like tissue paper. Hugs!

Melissa said...

sweet and simple...

Embellished Bayou said...

This is too cute! Thanks for sharing how to fancy up our Easter Baskets!

Kim said...

I want to thank you again for swinging people to my linky party :).

Amanda said...

Oh that came out so cute!