Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mosaic Monday: Accessories

I am joining Mary at Little Red House for another Mosaic Monday.  I decided to make a mosaic out of a series I did on remodeling and add it to Mosaic Monday.
 This is my last post in my remodel series where I discussed the different aspects of going through a remodel.  The first step was creating an idea notebook, next was planning, and then choosing color, and then picking out the finishes and this post will be the final one showing you my favorite accessories.  If you want to recap any of the older posts, just click on the links.
Instead of trying to describe how to accessorize, I thought  I would just explain a mosaic of some of my accessories.  When you accessorize your putting the finishing touches in your room by adding your personality.  Here is some of the things in my home and why they reflect who I am.
  • Little lamps- to light up dark corners. Layers of lighting makes the room feel cozy. I like cozy scenes, like out of a vintage children's book.
  • Botanical pictures-  I don't have any framed art print botanicals, I have pressed flowers. I have made them all myself.  I love to go outside find interesting things that might be of use indoors. This reflects my childhood. I was a little tomboy that roamed around a farm and gathered flowers, weeds, bird eggs, sometimes the birds, anything I could capture and admire. I love nature and it's beauty.
  • Butterfly case- this is a repurposed treasure.  It was my father's 4-H entomology project for the county fair.  Again, I had my own entomology project when I was a kid, it is fascinating studying insects.  I decided to clean this case up. Some of the butterflies and moths my own children and I have added to replace the now 50 year-old faded specimens.  Although, if some of the butterflies are more scarce now I haven't recaptured those.
  • Nautical/seashells- My mother's side of the family came from Florida and I have always loved the ocean and all things remembered of my vacations there. So I have collected lots of seashells over the years.  The colors of the beach are some of my favorite.
  • Flowers- Again growing up on a farm with a large garden, it was always a treat to cut and bring in flowers for the table.  My favorite were always daffodils and daisies.
  • Lace- I wouldn't care if lace were on everything!  I just love the femininity of lace.
  • Fabric- I love to sew and create a look that I have seen somewhere.
  • Candles- I love history.  I love lighting a candle and imagining what it must have been like when there was no electricity. They also give off a romantic glow.
  • Antiques/Vintage- I grew up with an avid family of antique shoppers.  To this day, one side of my family gives antiques for all gifts.  So there is a strong appreciation for all things old and of what their use might have been. 
So, I hope you can see how the things that we choose to accessorize our home with is really just a reflection of the owner.  It is fabulous to see a full and wonderful life exposed on the walls, and tabletops of a home.  Don't be shy, pull out your treasures and accessorize.  Happy remodeling!


Mary said...

What wonderful accessories! Congrats on finishing your remodel, and thanks for sharing at MM. :)

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Lots of fun accessories!!

grey like snuffie said...

Wonderful mosaic of all that reflects your heart. I'm getting inspired to redecorate...I was thinking I needed to start a notebook with thoughts and pictures...

GardenofDaisies said...

The little things that make a house a home. Beautiful!

Barbara Jean said...

Hi Sherry,
Love your mosaic and your post.
Great information!

Thanks for coming by

barbara jean

LDH said...

Well what a delight to stop by and see your beautiful Mosaic! Love all of the items but the butterfly case really caught my eye. So nice! I have persued many of your posts. Sweet place you have here!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment!

Kindly, ldh