Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Project: Recycle a Candle Jar

Supplies needed:  
leftover candle jar
spray paint in metallic finish, gold or silver
school glue
glitter in coordinating color to your paint
clear acrylic sealer in matte

I had a candle jar left over from fall that I thought I would recycle for a holiday table.  I am not the first person to try this, but it saves a glass jar from going in a landfill.
  • Take a leftover candle jar and completely remove the label.

  •  Then take a can of silver/gold spray paint and give it a light coat.  Let it dry according to directions.

  • Spray only the exterior of the jar not the interior.  
  • Then use school glue and cover the entire surface of the jar lightly. 
  • Next, sprinkle the entire exterior surface of the jar with glitter. 

  • Let the jar dry throughly.  
  • The final step is to lightly apply a clear acrylic sealer (matte) all over the exterior of the jar.  Allow that to dry according to directions. 
 I lit my jar with three tea light candles and placed it in a tablescape.  So, very inexpensively you can add a nice glow to our holiday table.

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