Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Project: Hang a Garland

On the weekends I will post a weekend project post.  It will probably be easier than you ever thought to make an impact to the entrance to a public space in your home.  The living room space is a place for everyone to gather in, especially over the holidays.  In this photo I am showing a ready made garland I bought at a home improvement store.  I hung it over my living room's entrance with 3M's Command Adhesive Decorating Clips.  You can hang a garland with the clips I used or with the smaller clips they make you can hang a string of lights.  It is really simple, just clean the wall surface, apply the adhesive strip, apply the hook as directed, and wait one hour.  The packaging on the hook does not recommend using the hooks on delicate wallpaper.
    One tip:  If you are hanging against trim; as I did to hang this garland, you need to put the adhesive strip upside down so you can pull it away from the trim to remove it.  Otherwise removal may damage the walls.  You can't pull the adhesive strip at an angle to remove, you have to be able to pull it straight up or down.
Happy decorating! 

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