Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas: To Theme or Not to Theme

Theming your holiday decor would be up to you.  I, am all for theming.  It is a matter of personal taste.  I once had a tree that had a Nutcracker theme.  I still have my little china Clara and she isn't broken; but almost all of the nutcrackers are broken.


  It could have something to do with my first two sons.  They were drawn to the colorful nutcrackers and left the girlie ballerina alone.  As the nutcrackers kept multiplying in the needs-to-be-glued tub, my theming became a little more child friendly.  I collected stuffed toy animals and the tree took on a toy theme.  Oddly enough my young sons didn't play with them and became fascinated with playing under the tree itself.  One year while  my husband was discussing life insurance with our agent on the phone, my sons knocked the tree over.  That year alone they knocked the tree over seven times.   So, my tree has evolved over the years. This year it just has classic ornaments, natural elements, and homemade gingerbread on it.  It is a nice basic mix of decorations of which I can build a theme on and decorate more elaborately as my children grow.  I have visions of making the tree glamorous one day.  By the time I reach this peak of decorating heaven; it will be about time for the grandchildren to come over.  So to theme or not to theme, that is the question.  It would be entirely up to you.  I was lucky my theming didn't always survive but my tree seemed to have nine lives.

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